Jhoomarwala Online Chandelier and Lighting store provides the country with the best quality of chandelier with prompt and personalized service. We offer the most unique chandeliers to the country with the best prices available in the market. We are the largest seller of Customized Chandeliers all across the country. We offer the customer the choice of chandelier they want according to the place they are looking to install the chandelier for. We have USP of providing our customer with their choice of chandelier with the size, type, bulbs, material and etc. The thing which we are good at since the time we started selling our products online. We have come a long way since then and been doing projects in all across the country to reaching the corners of them by providing the very best and fastest service there can be for our products.


We now provide complete Customized Decorative Lighting Solutions to all across the country and the world. We are proud to share that we have successfully broaden our boundaries to the countries outside India. We have provided Customized chandeliers to customers in UK, Australia, U.S.A, Dubai, Germany, Sri Lanka and we are focusing on getting more clientele all across the world.


How could we reach so far? How did we go so much further? 


Selling Chandeliers outside the country is actually a difficult task for as the customer is not likely to trust any random company form any place. Which is why gradually we are growing our network all across the world by focusing on providing the best quality chandelier with the most reasonable price not just for us to grow but also for the country by keeping the good name of the country in foreign land. 


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